Metal Roof Installation and Repair in Seminole, TX

aerial view of metal roof on stucco home

The Superior Residential Roof Installation

Take a drive down your average neighborhood and you’ll quickly notice that asphalt shingle roofs dominate the marketplace. And for good reason. They are affordable, customizable, and offer about two decades of performance. Nevertheless, if you want a residential roof that will stand the test of time, add curb appeal, and increase property value, consider a metal roof installation.

No matter your design preferences, there’s a metal roof that matches your home. A metal roof can last up to 70 years, withstand wind speeds greater than 150 miles per hour, and remain undamaged in a hail storm. Metal roofs are non-combustible so they thrive in areas where wildfires are a concern and can be installed in coastal cities as well. If you’re interested in learning more about metal roof installation in Seminole, TX, reach out to the residential roofers at Schmitt Roofing and Construction. We use quality materials and offer industry-leading warranties. Our team has decades of experience in the residential roofing sector and can help you make an informed roofing decision that you can appreciate for years to come.

Does a metal roof affect the interior temperature of the home?

Thermal mass refers to an object’s ability to absorb, store, and release heat. Metal roofs have low thermal mass, so when they are hit with light and heat from the sun, much of it bounces off. Unlike asphalt shingles, which absorb heat, metal roofs actually reflect heat, helping your home stay cooler in the summer. 

However, the degree to which your metal roof reflects or retains heat is influenced by other factors. The type of finish you choose plays a role in your roof’s temperature. A leading roof manufacturer patented a finish with reflective technology that reflects more than 70 percent of the sun’s solar energy, but an unfinished metal roof may not be as efficient. Another thing that impacts your roof’s reflectivity is the actual color of your roof. Darker colors absorb heat while light pigments reflect it. Finally, the amount of sun exposure the roof gets and the roof’s mass help determine the temperature of your metal roof installation. Seminole, TX has a higher-than-average number of sunny days, so roofs here will likely get hotter than those in cloudy cities, but luckily, metal is a lightweight object that doesn’t retain much heat to begin with.

What are the different kinds of metal roofs?

Standing Seam — A Leader in the Industry

Standing seam roofs excel in appearance and functionality. These roofs are sought after for their concealed fasteners and virtually leak-resistant properties. While standing seam roofs are among the most expensive metal roof installation, their benefits far outweigh their drawbacks. Furthermore, since these roofs are highly durable and low-maintenance, you won’t have to invest in inspections and repairs as often as you would for a less durable roofing option. 

On average, a standing seam metal roof can last up to seven decades. They stand firm in the face of sustained wind speeds of 140 miles per hours, and some varieties can withstand gusts of wind up to 180 miles per hour. Because they are made of metal, standing seam roofs resist smoke and fire. They also excel at sloughing off snow and ice and do well in areas that receive heavy rainfall. Featuring sleek, vertical lines and available in a range of colors, standing seam roofs complement most any architectural design.

Corrugated Metal — A Strong, Traditional Metal Roof

Corrugated metal roofs feature ridges and grooves that bestow this roof installation with super strength. This metal roofing option is far more affordable than standing seam but still offers similar benefits. Because of their metal composition, they are non-combustible and resist snowfall, ice, and pests. Furthermore, they are reflective in nature and are an energy efficient roof. Because of their exposed fasteners, corrugated metal roofs are easier to install than standing seam, with its hidden fasteners or mechanical seams. However, these exposed fasteners also make corrugated roofs more susceptible to leakage than standing seam varieties. 

Stone-Coated Steel — Combining the Best of Both Worlds

Stone-coated steel roofs offer the benefits of a metal roof installation with the appearance of asphalt shingles. Each sheet of roofing material is composed of multiple layers sandwiched between a base mat and a coating of asphalt granules. The redundant nature of stone-coated steel roofing makes it a strong option that is able to withstand harsh punishment from the elements. Furthermore, the stone granule coating on top makes dings and dents almost imperceptible. 

Metal roof installations are ideal for residential and commercial properties alike. These roofs resist fire, snow, ice, wind, and even hail. What’s more, metal roof installation in Seminole, TX can actually help stave off some of the heat from our sweltering summers. Whether you’re after the modern, sleek look a standing seam roof provides or going for something a bit more western and rustic, Schmitt Roofing and Construction has got roofing options to match your style preferences and budget. If you’re already the proud owner of this superior roofing system and are in need of metal roof repair, we can help, too. Our team is experienced and equipped and ready to handle your installations and metal roof repairs in Seminole, TX. Reach out at 432-955-5335  to get started on your metal roof replacement or repair.