Metal Building Construction

Choose from a Range of Metal Building Installations

A metal building is a durable, affordable option for those seeking to increase the amount of usable space on their property. While metal buildings can be used for anything, some of our most popular metal building installations include:

  • Metal carports. Keep your car protected with a new carport by Schmitt Roofing and Construction. Whether you have one or five cars that need to fit, we provide custom designs at affordable prices.
  • Metal garages. Metal buildings make great garages and can be customized to any size, color, or style. 
  • Metal barns. If you want a classic barn look with a modern twist, a metal barn may be right for you. 
  • Metal storage sheds. Our team can help provide more storage space on your property. Our storage sheds are ideal for lawn equipment, agricultural vehicles, pool items, gardening tools, and more.
Metal roof installation on home

Custom Designs. Quality Installations.

No matter what type of metal building you need, it’s important to know that you have options. Customizing your building is the best way to make it your own. Our pros offer full customization, down to the smallest detail. Pick the size of your building to ensure you can fit everything you need. We also help our customers select the right steel gauges for their metal building installation. Steel beams are used for the framing, roofing, and sides of your building, and the thicker the material, the more intense weather they can handle. The location and style of doors and windows is also something that we leave in the hands of our customers. Clients can also customize the anchors, trim, and gables of their metal building installation.

The strongest roof you can install on your home is a sheet metal roof from Schmitt Roofing & Construction. But strength isn’t the only quality of a new metal roof, as they can also lower heating and cooling costs, decrease insurance costs, are fire resistant, and they even increase curb appeal, making your home stand out when it’s time to sell. This hurricane resistant roofing material will keep you safe and comfortable all year round. With many different colors and styles of metal roofing available, we are sure to have one that matches your budget and aesthetic preferences. Whether you’re building new or renovating your current home, give our local metal roofing business a call to learn more about metal roof installation in Odessa or Midland.

Choose Schmitt Roofing and Construction for Metal Building Construction Near You

If you’re interested in a metal building installation in Seminole, TX, give Schmitt Roofing and Construction a call at 432-955-5335. Whether you need information about leveling your ground, require guidance in obtaining a building permit, or anything in between, our team is here to help. Furthermore, we provide personalized quotes so that you know what to expect from the very beginning. When you work with Schmitt Roofing and Construction, expect quality work with no surprises. It’s the Schmitt Roofing and Construction way.