Siding Services

vinyl siding and brick cladding home in a snowy winter scene

Protect Your Home in Style

There are different kinds of cladding covering residential homes. Cladding is the outer layer of material covering a structure and includes things like brick, metal, vinyl siding, wood, and more. Various cladding types offer unique benefits and drawbacks. Vinyl siding and Hardie board are among the most popular home coverings. These installations are affordable and relatively low maintenance. They also beautify and protect your home. In Seminole, TX, siding installation is a call away at 432-955-5335.

Our professionals can repair and install vinyl siding, Hardie board, and several other types of cladding. We are proud to offer Mastic vinyl siding to our customers. Mastic is a top-of-the-line manufacturer that makes superior vinyl siding that is resistant to scratches, dents, and water damage. It’s also backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Give us a call at 432-955-5335 to learn more about our services.

Explore the Benefits of Vinyl and James Hardie Lap Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most affordable residential cladding options. Since it doesn’t require painting, you also save money from that avenue. Furthermore, since the color of siding is baked in and homogenous (runs all the way through), even if the vinyl does get scratched or chipped, you won’t be able to tell as much as you would in a stucco installation, for example. Vinyl is also a low-maintenance installation and can simply be wiped free of dust, cobwebs, and other debris.

In addition to vinyl siding, our professionals can install and repair Hardie board. Sometimes called James Hardie lap siding, Hardie board looks like hardwood but costs much less. It doesn’t have the high maintenance levels that wood does, and you don’t have to worry about termites, carpenter ants, or woodpeckers destroying your home’s siding. Composed of sand, cement, and cellulose fibers, Hardie board is a durable option available in a range of colors and designs. 

Trust Schmitt Roofing and Construction with Your Home’s Exterior

Schmitt Roofing and Construction offers a wide range of siding options and styles, helping you achieve the look you desire. A new siding installation will also improve your home’s energy efficiency, especially when it’s coupled with fresh insulation. Furthermore, new siding is easier to maintain than older styles, helping keep your home functional and beautiful for years to come. If you need to repair or replace your siding installation in Seminole, TX, give us a call. If necessary, we have financing options, so reach out today.