Corrugated Metal Roof Installation

close up of corrugated sheet metal

A Traditional American Roofing System

Corrugated metal roofs are a classic America roof covering, often seen on barns and older rural structures. Adorned with a series of ridges and valleys, corrugated metal roofs are durable and boast superior strength. Furthermore, the wavy texture of this roofing system makes dings and damage almost imperceptible. If you want to enjoy the longevity and resilience of a metal roof without the initial investment associated with other metal roofs consider a corrugated metal roof installation in Seminole, TX. 

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Advantages of a Corrugated Metal Roof Installation

Although corrugated metal is more affordable than other forms of metal roofing, they offer similar benefits. Metal roofs resist fire, smoke, termites, woodpeckers, ice, snow, and even hail. Their ridged nature lets water and snow easily slide off, while their reflective nature makes them an energy efficient roofing option. Efficiency can be further enhanced by selecting a lighter colored roofing panel. Additionally, the fact that they are 100 percent recyclable makes them an obvious choice for many homeowners.

Compared to other metal roofs, corrugated varieties are easier to install. Traditional corrugated metal roofing sheets are about three feet wide and overlap. The overlapping areas are fastened to each other and the roofing deck using screws. Standing seam roofs, on the other hand, feature concealed fasteners or are mechanically seamed, which is more labor intensive thus more expensive.

Potential Drawbacks to Corrugated Metal Roofing

The main downfall of corrugated metal roof installation is their exposed fasteners. Each screw used to install a corrugated metal roof is a potential water entry point. For this reason, corrugated roofs are more prone to leaking than a standing seam roof. Finally, corrugated roofing is generally not considered as attractive as other kinds of metal roofs.

Installing a Corrugated Metal Roof in Seminole, TX

Despite a few drawbacks, corrugated metal roof installation in Seminole, TX, is an excellent choice. These roofs can last up to half a century and resist most forms of damage. Lightweight, long-lasting, and unique in appearance, corrugated metal roofs have stood the test of time for good reason. Whether you’re already the owner of a corrugated metal roof and are in need of inspection or repair or wishing to learn more about this classic metal roof installation, the roofing experts at Schmitt Roofing and Construction can help. We have decades of experience in the industry and can help you make an informed roofing decision that you can appreciate for years to come. Dial 432-955-5335 today to learn more.